Granite Cobblestone Custom Production

Granite Cobblestone Custom Production

2″ thick granite cobblestones in Grey, Rose, Buff, Straw/Yellow and Charcoal Black are available as custom production direct from the quarry in full container loads.

Production requires a minimum of 8-10 weeks for delivery compared to delivery of 3-10 days for 4″ or 5″ thick US inventory.

Custom production 8x4x2″ buff granite cobblestones for an elevated courtyard appearance.

8x4x2″ or 4x4x2″ granite cobblestones split face surface, split face sides and base.

Shipped in crates or nylon bags direct from the quarry.

One container load approx 2,000 sq ft.

4x4x4″x 2″ Grey, Rose, Straw/Yellow and Charcoal Black granite cobblestones alongside 4x4x4″ Grey and Charcoal Black cobblestones.


9x 5×2″ cobblestones split edge four sides and sawn two sides.

Cobblestones can be supplied with a split face, sawn or split sides in custom or standard sizes.  Delivery 3-4 weeks.

For installation costs consult a local landscape or hardscape installer. Sub-structure soil conditions, the surface traffic and drainage requirements will dictate the method of installation. As a general guide we suggest a mortar bed or dry pack ratio of 3-1 sand and Portland cement for the 2″ thick cobblestones rather than a dry sand bed only.