Grey Granite Curbing & Steps


Granite curbing 6×12″ to 18″ height. Random or fixed length 36” to 72”

Granite curbing loaded on pallets and shrink wrapped for shipping.

Grey granite curbing sawn, thermal or splt face top surface with split face or thermal finish height.  Sizes available:  4 or 5 or 6” thickness, 12 or 16 or 18” height, Random or fixed length. 6” thickness also available at 20” and 24” height.

4x14x18” Split face curbing

Split face curbing size 4” thickness x 14” width and 18” length. All sides split face, some slight size variation to each piece. Grey only. 4x4x4” Charcoal Black cobblestone to show size scale.

Bush hammered granite curbing / steps size 6×15” width. Length 36” to 72”

Streetscape Revitalization
View Sutter Street Folsom California