Flamed Granite


Flamed top surface granite will meet ADA specifications requested by public authorities for sidewalks, pathways and public recreation areas.

  • Flamed top surface, split or sawn sides, sawn base


  • Flamed top surface, split or sawn sides & base. Level non-slip surface of a thermal finish is most suitable for pedestrian outdoor walkways, sidewalks, jogging & cycle paths.  Meets ADA specifications.

11,400 sq ft project of 4x4x4″ flamed top surface. Carbon Grey Black cobblestones, split sides, sawn base.

4x4x4” Carbon Grey Black flamed top surface cobblestones. Public walkway that meets ADA specifications. 11,400 sq ft project.

Cobblestones in Carbon Grey Black showcase the split sides (top two samples) and the sawn edges (bottom cobblestones).

Custom sizes available 4×4″, 5x5x4″ or 2″ thickness

  • londonUN-5x5_6-(1)

Antique Flat and Flamed Finish from Europe

Size 5-6×5-6x 2.5-3″ thickness, exposed cut surface can be supplied sawn or thermal /flamed finish
Size 7-8×5-6″ also available at 1-1.5″ & 2.5-3″ thickness